Brett Buffington (Coach Buff)
La Jolla, California, United States

Private Tennis Coach
based in “The Jewel” of San Diego – La Jolla, California. As the Tennis Professional, my mission is to guide and inspire others to maximize their tennis potential. I work with juniors and adults of all ability levels, from first timers to elite competitive tournament players. Using tennis as a vehicle for personal development. Tennis Journey’s are tailored to individual needs, but all designed to maximize potential and deliver High Performance. 10sbuff.com, pronounced tennisbuff.com, focuses on sound World Class tennis fundamentals in stroke production, footwork, fun and continuous improvement. Utilizing TheTennisProfessionalâ„¢ “Tennis Game Optimizer” Assessment tool, we continuously focus on those skills that need improvement. Including performance components such as: Physical, Technical, Tactical, Strategic, Mental/Emotional and Environmental. I provide the opportunity for each player to play at his or her highest level, but it is up to each player to decide how far they want to go.
Association of Tennis Professional(ATP) TOUR
Majors: Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon.
Top Results:
Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Final 16 Nicole Muns-Jagerman
West Palm Beach Doubles Quarterfinals Andre Agassi
Metz, France Doubles Quarterfinals Todd Nelson
Scottish Open Mixed Doubles Champion Sara Gomer
Messina, Italy Doubles Champion Denys Maasdorp
Hong Kong Doubles Quarterfinals Jaromir Becka
Parioli-Rome Doubles Champion Mark Basham
Italian Satellite Doubles Champion Mark Basham
Oporto, Portugal Doubles Semifinals Mark Basham
Dortmund, Germany Doubles Semifinals Cyril Suk
Madeira, Portugal Doubles Semifinals Gianluca Pozzi
Spanish Satellite Doubles Champion Jim Pugh

University California Los Angeles
Member 1984 UCLA NCAA Championship Tennis Team
United States Professional Tennis Association Certified

Coached by: Billy Martin, Glenn Basset, Nick Bolletieri, Mike Amador and Hans Wichary

Trained at:
Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy Bradenton, Florida
Tennisclub Dahlholtzli Bern Switzerland
Beckenham Tennis Club Kent, England
La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club La Jolla, California

Experienced Tennis Professional based in La Jolla, Southern California
Private and small group Coach
Adults and children