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Tennis Basics Focus And Preparation

Tennis Basics Focus And Preparation

  • Focus leading to early preparation. “Relentless intensity”
  • Timing leading to the correct contact point.
  • A good foundation or base on the court, regardless of the actual type of stance.

One of the best tennis coaches in the world, Nick Bollettieri , has this to say:

Top players start to react as the ball leaves the opponent’s racquet.

The majority of the players throughout the world, on all levels, even including professionals, do not pick up the ball soon enough. Some will start reacting as it crosses the net. Some will react once the ball bounces. If they wait this long they don’t have a chance.

So what I want you to learn to do, is to focus and pick up that ball a split second sooner. Then immediately start the preparation.

How are we going to do that? You don’t need a tennis court. Get a tennis ball. Get a buddy.  This buddy doesn’t even have to be a tennis player.
Throw your buddy the ball. As soon as it’s thrown, your friend will say, “Ball, catch.” And then you’ll do the same. “Ball, catch.” Start
saying this as quickly as you possibly can. Then do the same exercise, only say  “Ball, prepare.”

Now let’s pick up our racquet, let’s rally with each other and when I say rally, this means keeping it within a speed where you both can control the ball and practice this exercise. As soon as that ball leaves your opponent’s racquet, yell out “Ball” and immediately prepare.

Start saying this as quickly as you possibly can. Then do the same exercise, “Ball, prepare.” And as the ball is coming to you, prepare.

Then add to that the next phase. “Ball, Prepare, Move Back.” “Ball, Prepare, Move to the Right.” “Ball, Prepare, Move Forward.”

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